The Mindful Midlife Crisis

Episode 61--Question the Drink with Gray Area Expert Kari Schwear

June 01, 2022 Billy & Brian Season 5
The Mindful Midlife Crisis
Episode 61--Question the Drink with Gray Area Expert Kari Schwear
Show Notes

This week, Billy and Brian talk to Kari Schwear.  Kari is an executive coach, "gray area" drinking expert, speaker, and author who helps high performers move out of the gray areas in their lives so they can establish healthy boundaries that transforms them from “fine” to fabulous.  

Kari is also a co-author of the #1 bestselling book  The Successful Mind: Tools for Living a Purposeful, Productive, and Happy Life. Kari has been featured on PBS, CBS, ABC and multiple podcasts and radio shows. 

She founded GrayTonic and the Question the Drink for 30 program after her own experience as a former gray area drinker left her frustrated and confused with traditional programs.

Kari is here today to talk to us about the "gray areas" we have in our lives, and what we can do about them.

We ask Kari:
--Tell us more about what you mean by “living in the gray” and how it can have an effect on people.
--Both Brian and I have had issues with alcohol in the past that we’ve discussed on the show, as have you.  Tell us about how you “stepped out of the gray”.
--For the people out there yelling, “But I only have a glass (or two)  a night…what’s so wrong with that!” What do you say?
--When does “living in the gray” cross into something more serious like addiction?
--You do a consultation and a deep dive assessment.  What do those look like?  What seems to be a recurring theme in these conversations that maybe our listeners could reflect on as they listen to this?
--How much of a role does peer pressure play in all this?  Once someone has decided to give sober living a chance, what’s something they can say to help their friends understand that they’re just not drinking anymore?
--Tell us more about Question the Drink and the work you’re doing with that.  How can people participate in that?

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