The Mindful Midlife Crisis

Episode 60--Back to Life with Near-Death Survivor Danny Bader

May 25, 2022 Billy & Brian Season 5
The Mindful Midlife Crisis
Episode 60--Back to Life with Near-Death Survivor Danny Bader
Show Notes

This week, Billy and Brian talk to near-death survivor Danny Bader. Danny is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker whose life was transformed after he died when 8,000 volts of electricity ripped through his body.  Danny then came back to life from a place where he connected with “something bigger than us.” He uses his experience to lead people to create more perspective, joy, and a love that replaces weariness with inspiration, drives vision, and creates momentum for people in all areas of their lives.

 Danny is also a renowned speaker who has been inspiring the people of Fortune 500 companies like Merck, Comcast, The Ritz-Carlton, the Marriott, and Lincoln Financial with insight and practical tools that build momentum in the midst of defeating monotony. Danny’s reputation as an influencer in this arena continues to grow among some of the most well-respected brands and organizations nationwide.

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We ask Danny:
--Looking back on who you were before your near-death experience, how would you describe yourself and how you lived your life?
--When we talked earlier, you talked about navigating a multitude of emotions, especially guilt.  Can you dive a little deeper into that please?
--It sounds like you had to heal and learn to reckon with what you could not change before you were able to move on.  How did you go about doing that? 
--One thing that came out during our initial conversation is your strong relationship with Jesus, but I think what’s important for people to know is that you had a strong faith and relationship before your near-death experience.  In all honesty, I’m not someone who has a strong belief in one God/Jesus so whenever people who have a strong faith talk about it, I get a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t ever feel that way the last time we talked and I think it’s because you’re so casual in the way you describe your relationship, so much so that you have a book called I Met Jesus for a Miller Lite. Can you talk about your casual, friendly relationship with Jesus (and also why does Jesus have such terrible taste in beer?)
--You have a new book out now called Take the Shit Out of the Show, and much like the Bible, you use parables inspired by real people in order to help readers regain control over their lives.  What’s one of your favorite parables from that book?

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