The Mindful Midlife Crisis

Episode 58--How to Make Being Selfish Work for You with Val Jones

May 11, 2022 Billy & Brian Season 5
The Mindful Midlife Crisis
Episode 58--How to Make Being Selfish Work for You with Val Jones
Show Notes

Billy and Brian talk to Val Jones, a master coach for purpose driven women who are ready to uplevel their life, relationships, and income. She is also a corporate coach in the United States for Chanel, the Air Force, Chevron, Warner Brothers, CNN and many more. Val is also the host of The Selfish Woman Podcast where she’s on a mission to prove that ‘selfish’ is not a dirty word, and when we make ourselves a priority, it transforms our relationship with ourselves and with others, which is exactly what she’s here to talk about today.

We ask Val:
--So selfishness, self-centeredness, and self-absorption all come with negative connotations.  I am of the opinion that there is nuance in being self-centered and there is the potential for developing awareness when it comes to self-absorption, but I am not sold on any positives that come from selfishness…what am I missing, or is this more about semantics?
--When you’re coaching, how do you balance the fine line between helping your clients recognize self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that empower them while at the same time not letting that empowerment drift into becoming an egotistical asshole?
--How do  you see selfishness working FOR someone when it comes to relationships? 
--One thing I whole-heartedly agree with you on is how labeling someone a narcissist is all the rage these days when in reality, they’re more likely just an immature asshole.  In your opinion, what’s the difference?
--Tell us more about what subconscious programming is and how that can limit our beliefs if we’re not careful.
--How do we identify those limiting beliefs and what does “saturating in your truth” look like? How do we do that?
--How does recognizing that difference between an asshole and a narcissist apply to your Boundaries Bootcamp?
--Tell us about your upcoming group program Women Rising.
--Our show seems to be very popular with the ladies, particularly midlife female coaches who will reach out to us to be guests on the show.  Now we reached out to you because we wanted to address this idea that “selfish is not a dirty word”, but why do you think there are so many life coaches out there who work specifically with women and so few life coaches out there who work specifically for men?

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