The Mindful Midlife Crisis

Episode 57--Reviving Your Midlife Marriage with Deanna Bryant

May 04, 2022 Billy & Brian Season 5
The Mindful Midlife Crisis
Episode 57--Reviving Your Midlife Marriage with Deanna Bryant
Show Notes

Billy and Brian talk to Deanna Bryant, host of the Revive Your Midlife Marriage podcast.  Deanna is a retired English teacher turned relationship coach for midlife couples. After facing her own midlife marriage struggles and getting outside help to overcome them, Deanna went back to school to become a relationship coach for midlife couples.  She received a coaching diploma from Erickson International- The Art and Science of Coaching and studied relationship counseling at The Gottman Institute.  She is here today to talk about how to revive your midlife marriage.  

We ask Deanna: 
--How did you go from being an English teacher to helping couples navigate their marriages in the second half of life? Can you talk a little bit about what you saw are the struggles in your own marriage and how getting outside help improved you and your husband’s relationship with each other?
--When couples work with you, they focus on cultivating deeper intimacy, updating their communication approach, and creating meaningful shared experiences.  Talk about how those three have a tendency to fade in a marriage as we get older.
--How do you go about cultivating deeper intimacy, updating communication approaches, and creating meaningful shared experiences?
--Have you ever worked with a couple and thought to yourself, “You know what…it may be time to throw in the towel”?  If so, how does that conversation go?
--When we discussed The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine,  we talked about how in the book they mention that 65% of divorces by people over the age of 50 are initiated by women, and they made it sound like some of that is linked to what Margaret Mead calls “postmenopausal zest”, which the book describes as a woman feeling freed from menstrual cycles and all that comes with it.  Do you see a correlation here with the couples you’ve worked with?
--Which episode from your podcast is your favorite and why?

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