The Mindful Midlife Crisis

Episode 54--Declutter and Get Organized! with Janet M. Taylor

April 13, 2022 Billy & Brian Season 5
The Mindful Midlife Crisis
Episode 54--Declutter and Get Organized! with Janet M. Taylor
Show Notes

Billy and Brian talk to Janet M. Taylor, an Organizing Expert with over 28 years experience.  She is the host and producer of the Got Clutter? Get Organized! podcast.  Janet was crowned Clutter Free Queen by Rachael Ray in 2018, and she is here today just in time for spring cleaning to help us do some decluttering and organizing.

We ask Janet:
--What is it about an organized home that brings about joy and relaxation for you?  What do your clients say after you’ve helped them organize their homes?
--What’s the toughest part about keeping a home organized and clutter-free for most people?  How about for you? When you’re talking to clients about the clutter they’re living in, what reasons/excuses do they give you about why they’re living in such squalor?
--In one of your podcast episodes, you talked about having at least one place in your home that has to be organized, and for you, it’s the bedroom.  Why is it important to have at least ONE room/space in your home be organized, and why is yours the bedroom?
--How do people often fall short when it comes to spring cleaning? Why do we put that much pressure or importance on spring cleaning when we have three other seasons to declutter and organize our lives?
--A couple of your podcast episodes are devoted to helping people with ADD/ADHD stay organized and clutter-free  What tips do you give people with ADD/ADHD, and for parents of children who have ADD/ADHD, how do you help them keep a clutter-free space despite the havoc children in general can wreak on a house.
--Not only do you help people organize their environments, but you also help people organize time so they can be more efficient.  How much do these two relate to each other?  Which one needs to be in order for you first?

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Janet M. Taylor, Professional Organizer
Janet M. Taylor

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