The Mindful Midlife Crisis

Episode 53--Billy Discusses the Gray Areas in His Life

April 06, 2022 Billy & Brian Season 5
The Mindful Midlife Crisis
Episode 53--Billy Discusses the Gray Areas in His Life
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 5! 

Billy is back from the Pacific Northwest and Puerto Vallarta, and he's had A LOT of time on his hands to overthink some things, so today he shares the gray areas that have been weighing him down lately, and Brian offers up advice about how to gain some clarity around these gray areas. 

Billy discusses: 
--the stress of going back to work and what that will actually look like
--the amount of money he has left to sustain his current lifestyle
--the stress of where he’ll be living this summer
--the stress of what to do with his condo once September rolls around
--getting back in shape and making consistently healthy decisions
--not having health insurance
--trying to gain clarity regarding a relationship that didn't work out
--battling loneliness due to love language buckets not being filled
--not being a burden on others
--decision fatigue around where to travel next
--living up to everyone else’s expectations with regards to this leave rather than just doing what he needs to do
--not living his own message which then leads to impostor syndrome
 --whether or not this show is sustainable as it is

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